There are many different ways that people can try to lose weight today and lots of conflicting messages for consumers. A recent study carried out by Griffith University provides clarification on just how effective different programs are and on the effect of different support mechanisms, including pharmacy consultations and digital services.

The new study, Leveraging online and in-pharmacy support to enhance weight loss: a population based analysis, primarily focuses on the Impromy Health and Weight Loss Program due to its inclusion of in-pharmacy support, a decision support system for consultants, a custom-developed smartphone app, phone support from Dietitians and high quality supplements. In the study, this combination of support tools and mechanisms was shown to provide significant weight loss results for members. Over a 12 week period on the Impromy Program, members averaged weight loss of 7% of their total body mass and more than 1 in 4 members lost at least 10% of their body mass*.

“Members averaged weight loss of 7% of their total body mass and 1 in 4 members lost at least 10% of their body mass*”

The Griffith University study compares the Impromy result of 7% weight loss to other popular diet options. The Impromy Program delivered weight results for members between 14% and 40% higher than the other programs*.

The Griffith University study also showed substantial improvements in Total Cholesterol, with an average reduction of 7.2% over 12 weeks*. The study also found substantial improvements in blood pressure, both for people with high and low blood pressure.

These results independently confirm the effectiveness, initial development and clinical trials carried out by CSIRO during the development of the Impromy Program. If you would like to review the Griffith University study and results, you can download a PDF copy here: Impromy Griffith University Report.


If you would like to lose weight or improve your health, sign up for the Impromy Program today. You can find out more about the Impromy Program here or book a consultation with your nearest participating pharmacy.




*Individual results may vary.