Membership Pack

Getting started is easy

To get started, make an appointment with your nearest pharmacy for your initial Impromy consultation.

At your first visit you’ll receive your Membership Pack, including:

  • Lifetime Impromy Program Membership
  • CSIRO Meals for Living Simply Well recipe book (valued at RRP $35)
  • Impromy Guide to Getting Started
  • Impromy Membership Card
  • Impromy Smartphone App access
  • Your initial health review report
  • FREE ongoing consultations (plus milestone health reviews at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 12 months)

Impromy Membership pack

The Impromy Membership Pack costs $49.95, which includes free ongoing consultations and lifetime membership.

Lifetime Membership =
no rejoining fees

Impromy Program Membership is for life. So if you take a break from the program, or decide to start up again for a summer health kick, you won’t pay a cent. Once you’re a member, you can re-start the program at any time without any additional fees. Simply book an appointment with your Impromy Consultant to get started with a brand new personalised Impromy Meal Plan.

Your Impromy Consultant will help you achieve your weight loss and health goals

Your program consultant will guide you through every aspect of your weight loss journey and provide you with ongoing advice and tools to make your goals achievable.

These tools include:

  • Tracking your progress at each visit
  • Regular personalised consultations
  • Advice on recommended foods and drinks
  • Regular health measures
  • Discussing any questions or concerns
  • Adjusting your program level and meal plan when necessary, to keep maximising your results over time

Book an Impromy consultation today to receive your Membership Pack.

Ongoing Support