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Proven weight loss and health results from the only program with a success rate of over 90%.

Tens of thousands of Australians have chosen the Impromy Health & Weight Loss Program to help them achieve their goals. In the first 6 months on the program, Impromy members recorded a 94% success rate and achieved some amazing results. At the same time Impromy members made improvements to their blood pressure and total cholesterol, two of the key modern indicators of good health.

All of the weight loss and health results you see on this site have been achieved by real people on the Impromy program. These results have been reviewed and validated by independent clinical research carried out by a respected Australian university. You can read the research findings in the research report here.


for weight loss

Against leading weight
loss programs*

1 in 4

Lost 10% + over
12 weeks


weight loss

In the first week


Cholesterol Reduction

Over 12 weeks

* Impromy members results reflected better weight loss results than other leading weight loss programs, in an independent clinical research study.

Since the launch of Impromy, members have achieved results that dramatically outperformed other programs. Part of the research program mentioned above included the independent research results recorded by other programs over the same period of time as the Impromy study, under the same criteria and analysis methods (but carried out by different research organisations). The results speak for themselves and show the value of a tried, tested and scientifically developed program as well as the role of regular consultant support.

Impromy Comparison

The Impromy Program relies on support from a trained consultant, which is integral to your success. Impromy members that visit their consultant weekly have achieved the strongest weight loss results to date. We recommend weekly visits, particularly in the early phase of the program. Visits to your consultant are included as part of your membership fee and have no incremental cost, you can visit as often as you like and you will never be charged. If you decide to leave the program and come back next Summer, there will be no charge to re-start your program – membership is for life.

If you would like to lose weight or improve your health, sign up for the Impromy Program today. You can find out more about the program here or book a consultation by getting in touch with your nearest participating pharmacy.