Impromy is a unique health and weight management program including high protein meal replacements and recipes, available exclusively through selected pharmacies.

About the program

Impromy is a health improvement program involving point of care testing to assess weight and risk factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose.

The program includes meal replacements, high protein meals and provides ongoing support by trained pharmacy staff.

We have tested the efficacy of combining higher protein main meals with breakfast and lunch meal replacements in the form of shakes in the early stages of weight loss. What this research has shown is that it can help to accelerate initial weight loss, blood pressure and cholesterol changes.

Recent research shows that greater early weight loss predicts longer term weight loss, making the meal replacement program a useful approach for weight control.

The program has been released exclusively through pharmacies and is administered under the supervision of trained pharmacy staff.

The Impromy program focuses on improving health through weight loss and good nutrition. It comprises nutritious and great tasting meal replacements along with high protein meals.

Impromy™ brings together key elements:

  • A focus on high protein meals and meal replacements (shakes).
  • A mobile phone app which provides ongoing support and personalised feedback (available for smart phones).
  • A trained consultant who provides support, measures cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and guides you through the stages of the program.
  • Expert telephone and online program information is also available for consumers, pharmacists and doctors.
  • Impromy involves significant ongoing research and development and is consistent with Government imperatives for early prevention of disease through healthy lifestyles.

The research

Prior, and ongoing, clinical trials have provided the building blocks for the Impromy™ program. It expands on our prior research on higher protein diets and mobile phone technology, and how these can be used effectively in a community pharmacy setting.

In a recent trial, we recruited 150 people and have taken them through the prototype pharmacy program. We have trained dietitians and non dietitians to deliver the program. Results so far show a high level of acceptance of the program as well as improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels and weight loss. Research results are available online