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    Shannon Holmes

    How’s everyone going with the recipes?

    I’ve only just started in the last few days but so far I’m loving the Broccoli and Leek Soup.
    I like to add a little curry powder and some peas, but its one of my favourite recipes.

    I’m struggling a little with cutting carbs like bread, pasta and potatoes but the recipe book is really helping me find ways around them.




    susan yates

    Hi Shannon,

    I’ve just started as well

    and I’m the same cutting the carbs love my bread.


    Shannon Holmes

    Prior to joining Flexi, my diet was primarily carbs and it was terrible.

    I’ve cut out the majority (still have a few slices of bread with my soup – I am human) but I feel so much better for it.

    I’m eating more vegetables and I’ve noticed the difference in my energy levels and mood as its been quite significant.



    Shannon,  I have been on the program for over a month and I am finding it very successful.   Very pleased with my weight loss so far.  Not really missing carbs thanks to the Flexi day.  The Flexi day is great because I look forward to being able to eat the foods that I miss during the week.  I enjoy my cereal for breakfast and bread in the day…and a glass of wine at night.  Thanks for the soup suggestion.  I bought a leek yesterday so I can try it out.  I haven’t been using the recipes, just modifying the family meal, although the recipes look good.  By the way, the Konjac noodles or rice are very useful as “pretend carbs” during the week.  Don’t have much taste but I add some sauce or dressing and lots of veges.  Have you tried them?  Good luck with the program!




    I just made the broccoli and leek soup after your recommendation.  Took your advice and added a teaspoon of curry powder.  Recipe didn’t say when to add the fresh herbs so I did at at the puree stage.  It was delicious for my lunch and makes plenty of leftovers for subsequent days.  Thanks for the tip!


    Shannon Holmes


    I wondered what the noodles were,  I’ve never heard of them before.
    The Flexi days are great at cutting through temptation.

    I usually add my herbs once everything cooked in the broth and leave them to boil for a minute, then blend once cool.
    The great thing about the control meals is that you can add any of the free foods to customise them. I added spinach to one batch of soup because I have an iron deficiency. I’m glad you like the tip, according to my 17 year old brother I add too much curry power to everything but I’m a sucker for anything spicy :’)

    I’m going to try the zucchini noodles with chicken and spicy tomatoes soon, I’ll let you know how it goes. The recipes seem tasty enough but I usually struggle with preparation when I cook. The soups are great because all you have to do is chop up a bunch of free foods and let them boil in stock. Plus one batch feeds me for like a week haha

    All the best!


    Shannon Holmes

    So the zucchini noodle plan didn’t pan out.

    I couldn’t be bothered noodling zucchinis once I got home from uni.
    Instead, I’ve adapted the Salmon Frittata and used chicken, leeks, spring onions, and zucchini because that’s what I had in the fridge. I do know that my ‘adaptations’ are going to change the balance of nutrients in the meal, but my main goal is to start eating healthier foods and the cookbook is a great guide for this.

    I’ll be sure to let you know how it tastes.


    Shannon Holmes

    Okie doke.

    Totally forgot to report back haha.
    The fritata was a bit soggy in the middle. I’m not sure if that had to do with my lack of cooking skills, or because of the substiution.
    I’ve made the Harissa Chicken and Vegetables too which was amazing.
    I don’t have a chargrill pan so the vegetables didn’t get that nice smokiness, but overall it was really good.
    I think the best thing about this is that my brother and I are trying new, healthy foods. It’s a little expensive on my small budget, but we both feel a lot better for it. We’ve just discovered that we both hate eggplant, but fennel and zucchini are yummy.

    All the best!


    Elna Schonfeldt

    Hi Shannon.

    If you like curry you’ll like the cauliflower curry in the book. Love it! Tandoori mushrooms are also a winner. I’m loving the recipe book.

    Happy cooking!



    Was wondering if anyway to just purchase the Flexi recipe book.

    I do not need the shaker as have one already so really no need to buy starter kit.


    Hi Jibs,

    The recipe book is not sold separately, however you can find the recipes online via your Flexi access portal.



    Of the books, the one I would most recommend is The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet: Complete Recipe Collection – The ultimate collection of over 400 Total Wellbeing Diet recipes. Although it might require you to adapt things a little to fit in with the Flexi approach, it has the greatest overall variety and will be a ‘keeper’ for a lot of years. My advice would be to stick to those on the portal for a few months and consider using some of the recipes from the ‘ultimate collection’ on the occasional flexi day. Once you are really confident that you are achieving your goals, draw on the ‘ultimate collection’ for light meals and mains, perhaps noting that you may need to balance out your snacks to accommodate some of the additional ingredients you’ll find main meal recipes.

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