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    Rhonda Tarchini


    Today is my first day.  My husband and I are doing the flexi program together as we are located in a very remote area and need to order the requirements on-line.

    I have downloaded the app but I cant open it.  It says there is a problem logging in.  Is it it available for the flexi program?

    Also we registered on the weekend so that we could see what food etc we needed to buy so now our menu days are out of alignment.  For example my meal plan day is Monday which is a control day and it should be a classic day as day 1.  Is there a way of changing that?

    Thanks for your help


    Hi Rhonda,

    The Impromy app is only available as a feature to users of the Impromy program, instead Flexi members will track their progress online via the portal.

    The meal plan will alternate the control and classic days based on the day you have chosen as your Flexi day, this is because a control day must always occur the day before a Flexi day. So in order to change the day of a control or classic day you will need to change your Flexi day. For example, to have a classic day to occur on a Monday you will need to choose Sunday as a Flexi day.

    I hope this helps.


    Maria Anstis

    I was quite disappointed to learn that Flexi members don’t get lifetime membership even though our kits cost the same. I also downloaded the app and was desperate for the weekly guidance – only to learn that it’s not for Flexi members. I researched both programs before buying – I don’t know why it isn’t made clear from the get-go that the app is not for Flexi users AND your online tools are limited to 3 weeks. After that you need codes from products to keep your meal plan active. This contributed to my first two weeks of starting the program with despondency and giving up – then gaining 1.1kg. The app should be available to everyone who pays for a kit. I just don’t understand why the Impromy plan folks get the app, lifetime membership and in-person consults for $49.95 but Flexi only get 3 weeks of online tools and are shut out of the app? The Flexi box should have a sticker on it saying “App access and lifetime membership unavailable to Flexi users – Please find a code inside for 3 weeks of online tools”.


    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Flexi is not a lifetime membership, however if you are on the program and therefore purchasing product you will continue to have access to all the features of the portal. The cost of the Flexi Starter Kit and Impromy Membership kit are not the same,  and the Flexi Starter Kit is only optional, whereas if you would like to join Impromy it is mandatory.
    You are correct, the app is only a feature of the Impromy program, instead Flexi users will have access to the online portal to track their progress on the program.
    The differences between both programs are listed here:



    It does seem unfair that the program that is least costly for CSIRO to implement, given it also has the least support for the client, is the most expensive for the client to participate in. Furthermore, the idea is that you eventually stop relying on shakes once you’re at your goal weight, which means also losing access to the light meal recipes which are only online and not in the recipe book. People who prefer bars over shakes are also disadvantaged because they cannot get the new codes.

    I chose the Flexi program for the variation in daily calories, the inclusion of the “Flexi day” and to avoid needing to sign up with a pharmacy, which I would find embarrassing. Now that I have reached my goal weight, I feel at a bit of a loss about how best to get the support I need to maintain it.

    CSIRO should rethink its pricing policy and perhaps make it a lifetime membership once you have reached a set number of the codes from the product boxes or lost 5% of your weight or some other goal. Otherwise it should combine the programs and let the client pick which “stream” they prefer (and perhaps support moving between them if they think they might like to try the other to maintain motivation or just see what it is like).



    Local lass I agree with you as to  lifetime access to the online portal after purchasing so many Flexi shakes packs and regular participation in Flexi diet.

    I did not  purchase the starter kit as have the shaker already purchased a year ago at chemist also have stick and high speed blender. I am on a tight budget so could not justify the price for just the recipe book. I try to limit my plastic use so do not need another shaker.

    Maybe the recipe book can be  made available to buy separately.


    Lesley Johns

    The app doesn’t support Flexi but it’s easy to just log in online.

    You can change your weigh in days and your classic days online too. Good luck

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