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    Hi Impromy,

    It appears that the Android Impromy app has recently stopped working. I recently got a new phone, so I re-downloaded the app, but I’m not able to sign into my account anymore. I know the account details are correct because I am able to sign in to this online website ( fine using the same details. There are a number of reviews on the Android app page saying that other users are having trouble signing in to their accounts.

    Is the Android app still supported? Is there any way to sign in and use it to track weight/access recipes?




    Hi Aaron,

    The android app is still supported. It sounds like the problem you are having might be to do with the login details you are entering. The phone app and website require two separate accounts to be created, meaning that you shouldn’t be using the same website login to login to the app. My suggestion would be to try the forgot password option via the app if you aren’t sure of the login. If you are still having problems please give the helpline a call on 1800 608 511.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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