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    I’ve just started the Impromy program and have a few questions about the shakes.

    I’m mixing with 250 ml HiLo milk from the fridge, but it’s quite gritty. The flavour’s OK – a bit sweet. But the grittiness in the back of my throat is unpleasant. Am I mixing it wrongly? I’m using the shaker supplied, and there is no residue or lumps left in the shaker.

    Also wondering why there is so much sugar in it? According to the packet, the shake mix is 25% sugar (11g of 42g). The chemist explained that I need to reduce sugar. Fortunately I don’t take sugar or milk in my coffee. Why then is there so much sugar in the meal replacements?

    I chose this program because it’s backed by CSIRO, so I know there are good reasons for this!



    Had first checkin today, and lost 3.3kg so a good start & the program is working. I asked the pharmacist about the sugar content & he agreed that the sugar content is high. Suggested that if I wanted to substitute a meal with lower carb & sugar content the rate of weight loss may increase.

    I’ve found that using a blender & leaving the shake for a while the grittiness is reduced. That suggestion came from a Facebook group.

    I’d still appreciate further insight if anyone can comment.


    Hi Kerryn,

    Everyone will tolerate the shakes differently, if you are finding they are gritty it might be worth blending for a longer period of time and possibly adding ice so it’s more of a frappe.

    In relation to the sugar content, the sugars in the meal replacements are low G.I natural sugars with the majority of the sugar coming from lactose as a component of the skim milk powder. Remember that the shakes are mixed with milk, so you are consuming approx 23g of low G.I sugars in 276mls. Australian dietary guidelines recommend consuming 15g of sugar or less per 100g, our shakes contain 8.5g of sugar – much less.

    We do not recommend swapping out your shakes for meals until you are closer to your goals, as this will actually hinder your weight loss due to the meal usually being higher in calories.

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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