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    Christopher Kendall

    Just opened up the program.   I’m disaapointed that fruit is not used as a free food, but I assume I can eat it as a snack.   I’m thinking this appears to be more a money making venture, rather than a supported diet.   Until I opened the program, I didn’t realise you had to keep updating every 21 days.  The Pharmacy wasn’t much help at all.


    Hi Christopher,

    I’m one of the Impromy Program Dietitians and can help answer this for you.
    Fruit is still allowed on the program as a snack option, and the amount of fruit you can have is dependent on your individual snack allowance. The reason why fruit isn’t considered a “free food” is because it still contains sugar, and if you have unlimited amounts of sugar you will consume excess energy and put on weight.  Don’t get me wrong, fruit is definitely a healthy food but it must be consumed in moderation.

    The Flexi program has been developed in collaboration with the CSIRO and has been clinically trialed by the CSIRO with proven results.  We provide support on our website, via the virtual consultations and even this forum. If you require futher support the Impromy program might suit you better, as this program provides face to face support via weekly consultations in a pharmacy environment, you would also have access to our dietitian helpline and the phone app.

    I hope this clears things up for you.



    Christopher Kendall

    If I replace some of the snack bars with fruit, what f uit and amount would compare withnthe snack in relation to sugar content.   I usually eat. 2 – 4 pieces  of fruit daily, what amount would you recommend


    Christopher Kendall

    In regard to the packet soups.  Are they used tonreplace a shake.  Also can snack bars, meal replacement bars and soups be purchaesed under Flexi or are they only available in Impromy.   If so, will I be able to purchase them.


    Hi Chris,

    Fruit is a snack, therefore the amount of fruit you can consume is dependent on the snack allowance allocated to you in your meal plan. I have logged into your account and can see that you have been allocated 3 snacks on your classic days. Therefore you can have a maximum of 3 serves of fruit per day. However, I would suggest consuming a variety of different snacks as the Australian Dietary Guidelines suggest a maximum of 2 serves of fruit per day.
    Have a look at the snack examples listed here for more ideas –

    In regards to the soups,  these are only accessible to members of the Impromy program, and they can be used to replace a shake as they are also Meal Replacements. If you join Impromy you will have access to the other products including the soups and meal bars, you will also receive the Impromy meal plan, weekly face to face consultations, health checks, the dietitian helpline, phone app and Simply Well cookbook by the CSIRO.

    You can purchase the snack bars on either program.

    I hope this answers your questions.


    Christopher Kendall

    In the recipes that call for cauliflower, what other vegetable/s could I replace it with


    Hi Christopher,

    You can use any vegetable other than potato or sweet potato as these are starchy veg, therefore they have a higher energy content.
    I’m not sure which recipe you are referring to in particular, if you have a specific recipe that you would like advice on I would be happy to give you some ideas.

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