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    Danielle Williams

    Hi – has anyone else had trouble getting a response from the ‘consultant’?  I have just finished week one and was hoping for a bit of encouragement and maybe even a pat on the back, but ‘June’ just responded to my first entry by saying ‘No response’!!!  I’m a bit deflated!


    Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for letting us know. It is unusual to receive that response from the virtual consultant. I will have our team investigate this. Can you to me whether you have changed your consultation day or tried to complete more than one consultation this week?



    Hi there. I am having trouble with the virtual consultant. Today is my chosen consultation day and it is saying your consultation for this week has finished (or something like that) I did change the day of consultation when I joined up last week. Was looking forward to seeing what she said this morning. 🙁


    Hi Paula,

    We are looking into this issue currently. Please try and do the consult later today or tomorrow 🙂


    Mary Flynn

    I changed my consult day yesterday and when I went to record my weight June told me that my consult had finished for this week. So I thought, after several attempts that I would try again on Tuesday my original consult day. So tried again this morning and was given the same message. Logic told me this was correct as yesterday I had changed date to Monday. So changed it back to Tuesday an$ tried again. Still getting told that my consultation date has finished for this week. Frustrated!,,,


    Hi Mary,

    Apologies we missed this post! Are you still having problems with the virtual consult? If so, please let me know and I will chase this up.



    Hi. Same issue. Today is my consult day. Entered my weight and told consultation finished for this week.


    Gloria Gilroy

    Sorry guys. But I find the whole computer generated responses a bit lame. My first week and I have lost 2.8 kg. I think this is a huge loss. I know first week is often the best as it is mostly fluid. Anyway. The response was did you have any problems this week. I answered no – the response was -well if you continue to struggle with these issues, check the forum to see how others are going. It’s BS.  anyway good luck everyone ,


    Hi Gloria,

    Thank you for providing feedback, I will pass this on so that it’s considered for future improvements.



    June, who is my “consultant” just says the same things each time. Depending on what multichoice question you answer. This is so predictable now, there’s nothing new. I gave her a 1 star this week, and all I get is thanks for the feedback. Really? At least you could have asked me why? For what you pay $50, for 12 shakes, for the program I am on this last 3 days, so for the $100 I invest in your shakes, a week, I would be expecting a bit more consulting


    Nicky Webb

    Hi – I agree with the comments regarding the online consultant. I lost over 1 kg one week and she congratulated me on my great progress, the next week when I lost over 1 kg the comment was very negative about my achievement and I should do better next time! June is not programmed well and is very discouraging. I’m only giving her 1 star each week now but nothing has changed. This system is in urgent need of improvement if you want to encourage people to continue purchasing your product. I am continuing with the program simply because I am very close to my goal weight, but would appreciate some positive feedback when I do well!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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