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Is the program for me? – Impromy


The Impromy and Flexi Programs can be beneficial for many people looking to lose weight and improve their health, whilst ensuring you can maintain the lifestyle you enjoy. The information below will help you decide if Impromy/Flexi is right for you.

Are you less than 18 years of age?

The Impromy and Flexi programs are designed for people 18 years old and over. People under 18 years old have different energy requirements, as they are still developing. It is OK to cook the recipes for the whole family, but the meal replacement products shouldn’t be used by people under 18 years old.

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?

The Impromy and Flexi programs are not recommended when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as the meal plans may not contain enough nutrients to support the needs of both mum and baby.

Are you diabetic (type 1 or type 2)?

If you are diabetic, we would recommend that you talk to your GP or health professional before changing your diet dramatically. In general, people with Type 1 diabetes should avoid making changes to their diet and should not start the program. People with Type 2 diabetes should talk to their GP or health professional, but will normally be able to get great results on the Impromy program.

Do you use a medication other than Metformin (Diabex)?

Please see your GP or health professional to discuss this further and if possible to seek their clearance to proceed.

Do you take Lithium, Mono-amine Oxidase Inhibitors or Anticoagulants (e.g. Warfarin)?

Please see your GP or health professional to discuss this further and if possible to seek their clearance to proceed.

Further Considerations

If you have one of the following conditions, you should consider suitability of the program in your particular circumstances and/or talk to your medical professional:

– Epilepsy.

– Gall Bladder disorders or stones.

– Liver Disease (e.g. Cirrhosis), kidney or gastrointestinal diseases (e.g. Crohn’s Disease).

– Undergone major surgery less than 3 months ago.

– Gout.

– Thyroid Diseases (only if overactive).

– Angina, Chest pain (undiagnosed) or severe shortness of breath.

– Cardiac arrhythmia.

– Heart disease, heart attack, coronary bypass surgery.

– Concurrent medically prescribed diet for a health problem.

– Mental health conditions.

– High blood pressure uncontrolled by medication.

If none of the above circumstances apply to you, then the Impromy and Flexi Programs should be suitable for you. So, take the first step in improving your health and get started today!