What is Metabolic C12?

A breakthrough NEW natural metabolic supplement.

Metabolic C12 is a clinically tested, soft-gel capsule supplement which helps to:

Stimulate metabolic function

Assist weight loss by controlling hunger

Developed & Clinically Tested by the University of Adelaide


Metabolic C12 is completely natural, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. It contains:

NO caffeine

NO stimulants

NO flavours

NO Artificial Colours

How Does Metabolic C12 Work?

Impromy Metabolic C12 works by enhancing the natural metabolic processes that are important to regulate your appetite, particularly around meal times.


When these processes are kick-started before the beginning of a meal, the body senses these signals, and the outcome is that you will feel full after consuming less calories / kilojoules.

In placebo controlled studies, oral ingestion of Metabolic C12 resulted in 13-18% less energy intake at main meals*

What is in Metabolic C12?



Lauric Acid 500mg.



30 Soft-Gel Capsules



Take 3 capsules with a full glass of water 15-30 minutes before your main daily meal or at the time of day you feel most hungry. Maximum of 3 capsules per day.

What is Lauric Acid?

Lauric Acid is a Fatty Acid typically found in coconut oil. It is also found in breast milk, cows milk and goats milk in lower concentrations.


Q: Can Metabolic C12 be taken multiple times during the day?

A: Yes, it can. We don’t recommend more than 3 capsules per day though, so split it up and have 1 capsule before each meal instead.

Q: Can I take Metabolic C12 in conjunction with my weight loss program?

A: Yes! If you are on a weight loss program, controlling hunger can be difficult. Metabolic C12 can also help reduce portion-sizes of main meals.

Q: Can taking Lauric Acid regularly increase cholesterol? I’ve heard diets high in coconut oil can do this?

A: The source of Lauric Acid we use does not contain cholesterol.

Q: Is it safe to use Metabolic C12 for an extended period?

A: Yes. Metabolic C12 can be taken on an ongoing basis.

*results derived from independent Clinical Trial by the University of Adelaide. Individual results may vary.