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Meal replacement shakes


In this article we’re going to have a look at meal replacement shakes. However, to get to the current scientifically balanced options available with meal replacement shakes for weight loss, let’s have a look at the recent history of so called ‘miracle diets for weight loss’, the ‘breakthroughs’ and short lived trends. All of which seem based on that that most credible of all global nutritional sources – celebrities on the covers of trashy magazines.


You will no doubt have at some point in your life had a friend tell you about this amazing diet they are on and have lost a gazillion KG’s in 3 hours (well maybe not that extreme but you know what we mean). But what’s really funny is that when you see them a few weeks or months later they have put back on the weight and often put it back on with some on top.


It’s not their fault, we want to believe what we hear, we want things to work, but when a non scientific, validated and researched solution appears, well if it sounds too good to be true…


So let’s have a look at a few of the weight loss crazes that have claimed to be responsible for some celebrity fitting back into a size six dress three hours after giving birth and the sometimes crazy level of self induced denial and suffering endured by those on it.


The Cabbage Soup Diet.
How good does this sound – ‘eat as much cabbage soup as often as you like whenever you like for a week’. Great, except you are totally sick to death of cabbage soup by meal two. You’re also so deprived of food at the end of it a binge is just waiting to happen. Unsustainable load of hot air – which when you consume that much of a self fermenting vegetable turned out to be a major side effect, if you know what we mean.


The Grapefruit Diet.
Also known as the Hollywood diet (there are alarm bells there already) was based on a theory that certain enzymes in grapefruit magically burnt fat off. Couple of small issues with this one. Firstly it’s totally false. Secondly it contained a dangerously low amount of calories and nutrients. Thirdly, grapefruit has major interactions with a number of prescription medicines.


The Victoria Beckham Diet
Also known as the Five Hands Diet, this was made popular by Victoria Beckham. The diet consists of only eating five miniscule handfuls of food a day including tuna, scrambled eggs, salmon and chilli prawns. While these in a balanced diet are a good sources of protein and omega 3’s, in miniscule amounts it is more of a ‘how much can you deprive yourself’ diet and not sustainable or nutritionally balanced.


Master Cleanse
Well it gets off to a slightly discouraging start – no food. OK…sounds fun. All you are allowed is tea or lemonade with added maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Sounds more like a punishment from the convict days just without the bread. Has raised a number of concerns from the medical profession about potential harm over the long term effects including Harvard Health raising concerns about muscle loss and increased risk of heart attack.


The Sleeping Beauty Diet
This one probably takes the cake, well actually you can’t take the cake because you are asleep. The theory and made popular reportedly by Elvis Presley – if you’re not awake you can’t eat. All you need is a bed and a Dr who doesn’t mind being de-registered and will heavily sedate you for a number of days in a row.


That’s both a bizarre and scary list. So let’s look at what works and come back to the modern era with the best meal replacement shakes, meal replacement shakes for weight loss and meal replacement protein shakes.


Of all foods, protein is not only vital to health, it is also the greatest satiater of hunger. Simply put protein keeps you feeling fuller longer than any other food group. That is why the best meal replacement shakes are high in this nutrient.


When it comes to meal replacement shakes for weight loss, the Impromy Program and meal replacement shakes have been developed with, and clinically tested by the CSIRO.


When you choose the Impromy Program, you are not just accessing a personalised program and range of Meal replacement shakes to simply make you feel full, you are benefiting from a scientifically formulated choice of meal replacement protein shakes that include essential nutrients. This includes low GI carbohydrates (low GI or ‘Glycaemic Index’ are the good carbs that instead of spiking blood sugar levels are released in a slow and even way throughout the day. This maintains a steady blood glucose level).


Impromy Meal Replacement Protein Shakes & Soups contain a combination of both Soluble & Insoluble Dietary Fibres, which provide numerous health benefits. This combination also helps delay gastric emptying (and therefore hunger) as well as helping to promote & maintain healthy gut flora.


All Impromy Program meal replacement shakes use Natural Flavours, Natural Colours and a Natural Sweetener & contain 25 added Vitamins and Minerals.


All Impromy Program meal replacement soups use Natural Flavours, Natural Colours and & contain 25 added Vitamins and Minerals.


All Impromy Program meal replacement shakes & soups are preservative free.


If you want fast, healthy and long term weight loss that still provides you with the vital nutrients your body needs, make an appointment to see an Impromy Consultant now.


So what are you weighting for?