The battle of the sexes

When it comes to weight loss, men and women are different. You may have even noticed this yourself. And we’re not talking about the ongoing debate over which sex is better at reading maps or why so many men throw away the instructions to building flat packed furniture, we’re talking about the difference in weight loss programs. Specifically the difference in weight loss programs for men vs weight loss programs for women.


As a starting point let’s go way back to when we evolved into the homo sapiens we are today, as evolution gives us a lot of answers on why there is a weight loss difference between the sexes.
Men developed different bodies to women thanks to that little hormone called testosterone. Males get a surge of it pumped into the system around puberty (any parent of teenage boys will notice that their darling little boy suddenly turns into some sort of grunting, hairy adolescence who doesn’t want hugs anymore). This hormone is critical in men for developing far greater muscle mass compared to women. It just happens naturally without them even looking at a bench press.
Now muscles are the body’s metabolic furnace. 24 hours a day these muscles burn energy. Hence men have a higher metabolic rate and as you will see on daily recommended calorie intakes, men can eat more than women. The reason is pretty basic, if you need to go and wrestle a sabre tooth tiger as the designated ‘hunter sex’ you cannot have the body of a waif like catwalk model.

Women on the other hand have been crafted by nature for reproduction. It’s just how the evolutionary cards got dealt out.

Now when you think about the demands of reproduction, and without getting into the nitty gritty, women play about a 99.9% role in the whole process. Motherhood is a time that places huge demands on the female body, and so nature takes over to ensure that sufficient nutrients and energy are stored to support two people at once. Therefore the female body is designed to store fat in different places to men (usually hips, bottom and legs) and doesn’t like to give that fat away easily in case of pregnancy.

So that’s the starting point.

Women are designed to be better at storing fat. A healthy weight woman who is active will carry 18-20% body fat, compared to an equivalent healthy weight active man who will carry between 10-15%.

So when it comes to weight loss programs evolution didn’t have dress sizes in mind. It did however have health in mind, because the fat that women carry and where they carry it (classic pear shape) is far healthier than men. It is stored away from a woman’s vital organs and subcutaneously – meaning just under the skin and on top of your muscles, (that’s what creates a woman’s curved physique). Men on the other hand store it around their belly. You have probably seen a man with legs like a chicken but a giant beer belly. This is far more dangerous fat storage as it creates visceral fat – fat that sticks and lives around critical organs such as the liver, heart and kidneys.

Women aren’t immune from this visceral fat either. Once the healthy fat storage areas of the body in the lower part of the body are ‘full’, excess weight will then begin to move upwards and like men, be stored in the upper body.

Of course the main culprit is our modern sedentary lives. Most people sit down on the way to work, sit in a chair all day, then come home and flop on the couch exhausted. Nature didn’t see that lifestyle coming. However we all have a choice and there’s one very important thing to remember – our bodies are on our side. They are designed for one purpose – to live as long as possible and to do everything it can to protect itself. Whether it is producing little armies to fight off disease or sending pain signals to let you know there’s a problem somewhere. Your body isn’t your enemy, it’s what we do to it that causes most problems. Problems and illnesses that are often totally avoidable.

What makes finding effective weight loss programs for men and weight loss programs for women even more important is the fact that visceral fat also has a nasty habit of releasing its own bad chemicals, which further damage the body and can be a big contributor to serious disease.

Now here is the good news. You are not held to ransom by your DNA!

Meal replacement programs can help greatly as everything comes down to one simple formula when it comes to how much weight you carry – energy in versus energy out.

If you take in more food (energy) than your body burns off, you will put on weight.

That is why the Impromy Health and Weight Loss Program personalises your meal plans to ensure that your body receives all the nutrients it needs to run at optimum efficiency and vitality, while also correcting the balance of energy in versus energy out. And it all happens with you hardly even noticing the dietary change (you will however notice changes in jean sizes and the person you see looking back at you in the mirror).

So while weight loss programs for men and for women will be different thanks to our earliest ancestors, the same result can be achieved for both.

While many weight loss programs are good at making all sorts of claims, these very complex genetic factors are science based and that is why the Impromy Health and Weight Loss Program was developed in collaboration and clinically tested by the CSIRO.

Your body is an extraordinary result of evolution and the Impromy Program has done the hard work to make it simple for you to have the body you want, and the health outcomes your body deserves.

So what are you weighting for?